Cantoro ulisse (CEO)

CANTORO Ulisse (CEO)I believe that attitude triumphs over the physical and strive to apply this mindset to all of my aspirations and ambitions. In accordance, I always maintain a positive outlook in all that I do and in my interactions with others. I have an addictive personality in that I work hard until I've fulfilled a goal and don't rest until I've achieved perfection! I am a dedicated and devoted to what I’m doing and to my people. To me, my job is more about promoting beauty than anything else and I truly believe that the body is God's most beautiful creation, and ultimate technology. I'm honest, diligent, and respectful of others and I expect the same in return-- from friends, family, business associates, and strangers alike! Why work with me? Because I am a person who prides himself in being responsible, and driven--with big goals and a big future full of boundless potential.

13, Quai De L'ile

Phone: +41 22 345 6000

Cell: +41 79 307 8038


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